With On The Ground Real Life Projects that both research and advance the Space Industry and greatly benefit the direct local communities, we bring a new way of working that is exciting, respectful of our Earth,
creating employment and startups as well as including much needed talent
and creativity from people of developing nations and economies. 

Our educational and learning programs bring hands-on experience to students and professionals by world-leading experts who directly assist and support the learning process with inspiration, experimentation and cutting-edge knowledge that is incomparable in any field. 

With Low-Cost Services and after completion support, we are second to none in bringing new people into the Space sector. We firmly believe that with just a little extra study and support along with our fantastic services structure, that people from around the world will join, participate and greatly profit from participation in everything Space.

Donate, Sponsor, Invest and Join us in making the Space sector more inclusive, a  way to protect our planet and bring a healthier, happier life for all.

'all together beyond the sky'

The Space Industry

We Are The Global Ambassadors For 

Everyone in the world will soon be touched by the Space sector and by bringing education, jobs and the amazing magic of an inclusive and sustainable future,

we will make a better life for all

Developing An International

Space Ecosystem

We believe that integrating the interests of all space actors across the globe into the fabric of the Space Platform will be the dawn of a new era for not only space endeavours but a new global Space community. Based on the premise that no one can own any body that exists in space (The Outer Space Treaty of 1967), it is envisioned that having a platform for space actors to participate, share and learn will be profitable for everyone, everywhere. From satellites that warn farmers in Nigeria of extreme weather to robotic rovers using AI for exploration. The excitement and encouragement that the Space Platform generates will be second to none.