1st Annual

1st Annual Space STEM Workshop: Enugu, Nigeria

Space STEM Workshop: Enugu, Nigeria

Featuring Space Industry Experts From Around The World!
For High School Students Who Excel In Sciences!
A Genuine Opportunity for 200 Students From Enugu!
With An Equal Number Of Male and Female Participants!

We see so many talented young people who have deep intelligence, the drive and the belief in themselves that we must support, promote and provide them with the highest level of education and mentorship that can be given. We believe that their representation and inclusion in the Space Industry will bring about a better world for each and every person on the planet and create jobs, entrepreneurs and future leaders.


We come to you today to ask for your kind support for our first Space STEM Science Workshop to be held in Enugu, Nigeria on August 24-27 for high school students to hear from industry professionals around the world, discuss, watch short videos on topics presented and do Space STEM exercises. We want to offer each student lunch for each day and we expect 200 brilliant young minds in attendance. Please help us and donate generously.

$20 gives a student lunch for four days, the Workshop Notebook and a Space Platform T-Shirt

$50 Does all the above along with renting the venue

$250 Does all the above and gets your logo in the Workshop Notebooks

and on the Presentation Screen

$500 Does all the above and gets a special mention about your company/agency/group

on each day of the workshop at the beginning and the end.

Many of these young students come to school hungry and sometimes only have a few meals a week. Can you imagine that? How can we expect students to get an education and do well while so hungry? It breaks our hearts and if we can give them a good lunch during our Workshop it will truly help them be inspired and feel positive about continuing their studies into university. We also need to rent the auditorium and have audio and video equipment rented.


There are other things we would like such as t-shirts, workshop notebooks and a small bag of gifts for each and every student with school supplies and literature about Space studies. If we can get enough donations for lunch and the logistics, that would be so wonderful.


Your generous gift will go 100% to the students and the Workshop.

Our small team has existed for about a year, supported entirely from our own pockets, brains and hearts and this is the first time we are reaching out to you for your donations and help. We are from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, the Philippines, the United States and France and we are completely dedicated to seeing each and every student succeed. After our workshop we will offer, free of charge, help to the students with their questions about their future, tutoring and financial assistance as we develop our project into maturity.


We believe that €4000 would get everything done (hotel venue, lunch (four days) for 200 students, logistics and for the extras (t-shirts, workshop notebooks etc.), we would add another €1000. That makes our total goal at $5000 Euros. We count on each and every one of you to donate directly towards these beautiful minds.


Here is a list of our generous presenters that we have 100% commitment from to participate and take Q&A from those in attendance.


Melanie Majuma - Space Policy and Law, Kenya Space Agency

Mustapha Iderawumi - Senior Analyst, Space In Africa, Nigeria (will give an overview of the Space industry) 

Pouya Pourkarim - Space Physics, Vancouver, Canada

Damilola Oladeji - Geo-Data Analyst, Nigeria 

O. Charles Owolabi - Space Scientist, STEM Educator, United States

Tadzi G Stowers - Nano Satellite Design, Kenya Space Agency

Sarah L. Mallett Murray - NASA Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Program, United States

James Chibueze - Astronomy Astrophysics Professor, South Africa

UD (need his full name) – Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Nigeria

Sylvia Frimpomaa Okoampa-Agyemang – STEM Education Specialist, Ghana

Zainabu Momanyi - Director Dada STEM /Educationalist Professional, South Africa

Venue: Residency Hotels, Enugu, Nigeria


Thank you so very very much for your kind donation. No amount is too small. These young people really need your help and deserve a real chance at a good life.