Universities and Space Education Programs
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Space Knowledge Sharing Resources

Learn about the many different aspects of the Space Field
and expand your abilities
Discover the many possibilities for you in the Space sector.
The Space Industry will touch almost every aspect of our lives and is ever-growing.
Get a global and interdisciplinary view and become an important player for years to come.

We Also Offer Education Services For Pre-University Students

Special Trainings, Online Workshops and Lectures, Custom Presentations, STEM Tutoring,
'Space Is Fun' Activities For Students Up To 17 years old

Financial Assistance, Academic Scholarships
and Career Counseling

One of the primary purposes of the Space Platform is to assist students in pursuing careers in the Space field. We have gathered financial support listings from around the world and many who dream of a future working in the Space Industry don't realize that there are many sources of funding for education. Especially  in developed countries, the unique qualifying parameters are a perfect fit for those in developing nations. 

Let us help you get the best education with the best support.

We offer many low-cost services to help you reach your educational and professional goals.
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Space Company and Agency Internships

Companies and Space Agencies From Around The World Offer Excellent Internships

Internships are a must in today's job environment. Get hands-on experience that will help you future employment adventure for your entire life!

Conferences, Workshops and Events

Participate, Engage, Learn, Share and Meet Valuable Connections

There are so many events for you to attend and because of the remote access, many of them are free. See our excellent list that is regularly updated and tell your colleagues too!