Promoting, Supporting and Expanding the Space Industry in
Developing Economies

There is a tremendous need for qualified people in the Space Industry today. This need can be filled by individuals from developing nations and Space Platform is here to do precisely this.

By offering education, hands-on community projects as well as jobs around the world,

we are diligently striving to fill this void.

With loads of talent, profound creativity and an unmatched drive, there is a pool of people

on the launch pad of readiness prepared to enter this exciting and future focused sector.

We will be sharing many of the excellent organizations of different countries and first, we are proud to present some of the Space activities in the great country of Nigeria. Here is a very small selection of organizations that are driving the Space Industry.

                                    has had a wide range of Space activities and accomplishments since 1999, and with its wide  range of activities such as Smart GSM/GPRS+GPS-Based Emergency Management System to Support Security and Health Services, Development and Implementation of Low-Cost IoT Based Farmland Irrigation, Quadcopter Swarm Project (QUSP): for search and rescue operations, Development of Electrode Material for Supercapacitor Energy Storage for Application in Satellite Power System, Indigenous Design of a Generic Satellite Power System Module and so many others, their technical prowess has been displayed time and time again. Their engineers and scientists are of the highest caliber with brilliant and creative minds. While overall leadership has great insights and strategic planning that will continually move Nigeria into a bright future

                              Based in the capital, Abuja, the university offers many cutting-edge course programs as well as an excellent group of testing and research facilities, all Sponsored by NASRDA. AUST  is Pan-African institution established in 2007 in response to a request from several African Heads of State, to give life to a request made by then President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, that the World Bank and the African Union work together to create strong Pan-African centers of excellence to improve sub-Saharan Africa’s capacity in Science and Technology. Thus, a network of the now so-called Nelson Mandela African Institutes of Science and Technology (NM-AISTs) was born. AUST in Abuja was the first of these Centers of Excellence to be established. 

                     With its headquarters in Lagos, Space In Africa is the heart and soul of the Nigerian, and all of Africa's, Space Market Intelligence, Consulting and Events. With their up to date news pages, 'Africa News', and fantastic staff, they are moving the Nigerian and African Space Industry forward in a creative, logical and most excellent way. 

                              NIGCOMSAT Ltd owns and operates the Nigerian Communications Satellite systems. The NigComSat-1R system is built to provide domestic and international satellite services via a 2 way satellite communications services across West, Central, South East Africa, Europe and Asia. Nigerian Communications Satellite Ltd (NIGCOMSAT) is a company and agency under the Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy whose mission is to be the leading satellite operator and service provider in Africa. NigComSat provides Transponder Leasing Services, Broadband, Broadcasting, Navigation Services and more.

Nigeria has many more organizations and institutions that not only have a competitive presence on the world stage, but are filled with creative and brilliant talent that will help shape the future of the world Space Industry.

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