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Talent Search - Let our connections with top international recruiters work for you. We will find the best and most qualified experts and young professionals for you.

Consultant Search - There are many highly sought after professionals that are happy to work as short and long term independent consultants. Our expert recruiters work with us to find you the best fit and the most dedicated talent for you to accomplish your projects and goals.

Partnering and Outsourcing Search - For many technical and specialized work, either partnering or outsourcing is the best solution for quick and quality results. Our team will find and propose other organizations that are ready to work with you at reasonable rates.

Investors Search -  Our Team will assist you in finding the right investors and potential financial opportunities so you can focus on your work and your company.

Products Search - Many times, finding quality materials, parts and precision equipment takes a lot of time and money. We will save you both. Give us your exact requirements and we will find what you need.

Marketing Services; New Markets, Targeted Branding, Social Exposure, Wider Base - Our expert marketing team will create and help you implement a plan to represent your brand in the best possible light and the most appropriate way so as to attract customers' attention to increase exposure and revenue. We can also be your outsourced Marketing Division, if you prefer.

Start-up Coaching and Consulting - Let our industry experts work with you and your organization to maximize you abilities, funding opportunities and reach your potential.

Engineering Experts Search - Technical and job specific quality expertise is essential in the Space engineering field and there are specialists from around the world that we will present to you for your projects and for your organizations.

3D Graphic  Design - The need for 3D design in engineering and Space related fields is essential for customers and clients to completely understand the nuances. It is cost-effective, reduces design time and improves design quality. We have access to the best in the world.

Satellite Data Interpretation - Because of the masses of data that satellites produce it is essential to have quick, effective and relevant interpretations for effective and efficient interpretation. We will bring you the best talent with the top softwares as to meet your immediate needs.

50% of First Month Salary

50% of First Month Payment

50% of First Month Payment