Specialized Services

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Satellite Construction Materials and Software - From Cubesats to large modems, we will find parts and software for programming the most delicate and carefully directed of uses. This is a crucial part of almost every aspect of GIS, Geospatial and Earth Data project. We find the right fit for you at excellent and competitive pricing.

Lecture Series for Pre-University Students - You choose the subject matter or let our Team select and we create a dynamic, engaging and fun program for students, attracting them to Science and the Space field for their careers. We will provide the Experts and you provide the students. Can be either in person or online.

Coaching (Individual and/or Group) Management, Communication, Motivation, Business English and more -  We have expert coaches that will create a program just for you and your needs. We are a group of trained support experts that will inspire you to excel, communicate better with colleagues or exactly whatever you need.

'Space Is Fun' - School Space STEM Lecture Series, custom created by needs to order. We will work with your budget and consult with you every step of the way. Online or in-person, upon request. These are fun, engaging and inspiring presentations aimed at the grade levels and building young scientific minds.

Custom Created Space Activities for Pre-University Students of all ages - 

We consult with you and bring fantastic and exciting Space education directly to you. We apply many elements of STEM education and bring experts who have great experience working with children to have a truly fun and memorable experience to fit your budget.

STEM Tutoring for Individuals or Groups - We provide in-person or online assistance to help young students to advance, engage and excel in any areas of STEM studies. We will take your students to a higher level of understanding and performance and we will also assist students to reach their level and truly comprehend the fundamentals of their study.

STEM Materials and Equipment - We will find you the hands-on equipment and supplies you need to have the students truly experience STEM in action. We have access to suppliers around the world to bring you the very best prices delivered directly to you. In some cases we can have an expert come to you and explain the uses of each item.