and our Mission and Goals

Promoting Education, Jobs, Projects, Companies, Agencies, Information Sharing, Policy, Sustainable Development, Low Cost Services
with a focus on Developing Nations
and the excitement and wonder of our future Space endeavours!

We are planning to have projects and educational programs worldwide.
There is no reason why anyone cannot have a future in the Space Industry. 
The economic divide on our planet and in the Space sector is unacceptable.
With education and jobs, the Earth and Space will be so much better for everyone.

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Your generous gift helps students receive books and materials, supports our in-country projects and allows us to grow and expand. A gift of $25 will, for example, buy a student a STEM based textbook and a tutoring lesson. We accept donations of any amount and if $50 or more, receive our collection of NFT art as a beautiful thank you!

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By sponsoring the Space Platform, you will be a part of our team, we will put your logo and name on our Home Page, we will promote your good work on our site, you will receive discounts on our services and priority attention. You will be notified first of new enhancements and information on the Space Platform site. We have many new and exciting plans for the future.

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Participate in our projected company profits. Dogeroid LLC, our parent company based in the United States will be happy to welcome you as an investor with a percentage of ownership based upon your investment. Have a voice in the future of our organization and be a part of the fantastic plans we have for the future

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With individual pricing plans and custom services priced to order, we draw from talent around the world to bring you the very best for exactly what Space services you may need. From Job Searches, to Space related equipment, all the way to Satellite services., We have access to the very best talent that our planet has to offer.